January 28, 2023

does anyone play Keno and have you won?


  1. yes, I won 75$ back to back twice. That was in 1991.
    your odds are better with keno than the state lottery.
    I have not played keno since then, i guess i’ll start again.

  2. Keno has a very high house edge, much higher than other casino games. If you are looking to kill time or play for fun (small stakes), give it a shot. But remember you would be much better off playing another game.

  3. I play Keno once in awhile, I’ve never won more than $50 bucks.. but I have a gambling forum and a member on our board just hit 8 out of 8 numbers for $10,000. The casino said it was a 1 in a 3million+ chance! Crazy!

  4. 5 spots work good. The thing about keno is
    that you play for, say, .50 and get a payoff
    of 400.00. better than vp; where u usually
    don’t get the royal and if you win anything,
    it is usually a small amount ….


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