January 28, 2023

How do i win at video keno or poker?

How do i win at video keno or poker?

loc_staa05 asked:
Is there any tricks or ways to tell when a machine is “hot” or ways to cheat the game? im talking about the casino machines. Particularly summit gaming machines
Im specifically talking about the casino machines, such as the .05 and .25 machines, you can choose either poker or keno, and a variety of games. Is there any way to tell what machine is going to hit? Dont waste my time with smart-ass answers.

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  1. Keno! I like Keno. You choose 10 numbers, mark them and then their are 20 or so numbers called out or revealed. out of the 20 u want to get lucky and see how many out of ur 10 got picked. You don’t always have to play all 10 numbers.

  2. What I do:
    I play frequently at all of the San Diego Casinos.
    I have had great luck and have made $$ starting with one coin as a wager. When they start to hit, increase to max for two to three plays.Back and forth.
    I then click on keno and usually notice that someone already has their numbers on the screen.
    Ex:: If there are ten numbers showing I will erase maybe 3 or 4 of them and keep the others that were already there.
    I then put 3 or 4 new ones up and as close to the ones Ihave left that belonged to the other guy.
    Seriously, play them a few times. You will notice that they will come up. I know these keno games are suppose to be programed in such a way, but my past playing and leaving just a few of othe other person’s numbers up come up. I will drop one of my numbers, maybe two, and then work with only 7, 8, 9, and then add them or new ones again. Always keeping just a few of the original on the board.
    Once in a while I will wipe the board clean and go to another area, and then return after 3 or 4 plays and put the old numbers back up. Let me know how you win or lose.;

  3. as all slot machines work on a payout %age, of which video poker is still a slot machine working to a %age

    only way to trully ‘beat’ them is to ‘play’ them,

    i do not mean to play the game, and hope and pray that you win

    i mean stake out the machine/s that you want to play and watch other punters putting money in, take a mental note of how much they put in the machine, and how much they take out, if someone is up on a machine, you know to leave that machine well alone, as its %age will most likely be down, and will need to recoup its losses.

    If you notice that the machine is taking more than its paying out, that would be the likely choice to play,

    in essence play the player not the game

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