January 28, 2023

what is the most anyone here has won at Keno games in Las Vegas?


  1. I won 170 bucks playing video Keno.

    If your going to Vegas to visit don’t waste your time, unless it’s a one time play. The odds are against you in this game.

  2. I won $10, but my buddy…he made $500, I think he paid $1 for his keno card at Excalibur. It was one of those pick 20, and of his 20 picks…none of his picks actually showed up..so he actually made $500 that way. It was on the last 10 minutes of our trip (lucky bastard). Anyway the odds of winning Keno are pretty bad, just like every other game. But the cool thing about Keno is there is no real strategy, and it’s a game where you can just sit, bet small amounts at a time, and keep getting free drinks.

    You’ll lose more faster on slots and especially at tables, but again slot machines and tables tend to be more exciting to play and make money faster (if you’re lucky). it’s kind of up to you, and what you’re willing to gamble.


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