January 31, 2023

Boss Media Keno Review

Boss Media software is high quality, very reliable with excellent graphics. They do have a big keno jackpot and the interesting feature of multi-player video keno. But the payout rate on keno is a very low 69%.

Boss Media Keno Games

  • Format: Download only in most but a few do have a non-download java option.
  • Keno play: Boss casinos offer the great option of multi-player Keno with a chat facility. Groups of 5 video screens play together, wagering on the same draw of numbers. You can opt for public or private games (ie you join in with anyone else that’s playing, or you play with a group of friends.). You can check the guest-book to see if your friends are playing.
  • Keno payout rate: 69%
  • Jackpot: for a $1 stake $15,000. Extra large $50,000 jackpot on max coins bets.
  • Stakes: $1-$5
  • Game play: Pick 2-10 spots.

About Boss Media

  • In the past Boss Media were a big player in the industry, with lots of top quality licensees. These days there are only a few sites left that use their casino software. This is largely as a result of the US gambling legislation – Boss decided not to allowed US players in the casinos. It’s a great shame as Boss game software remains one of the best available.

Cryptologic Keno Review


Overall payouts on the Keno game are low compared to most online keno pay schedules. But to make up for that some of the Cryptologic casinos have colossal jackpots. Some even have a PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT, which starts at $50k. So if you’re a jackpot hunter the Cryptologic casinos have to be your choice.

Cryptologic Keno Games

  • Format: Most Cryptologic casinos are download only. A few also have non-download Java games, though this does not include keno.
  • Keno play: The Keno game is unusual in that some casinos offer a Progressive Jackpot on 8,9 & 10 spots, starting at $50k.
  • Keno payout rate: 75% for the fixed jackpot. It’s difficult to assess payback on the progressive jackpot, but overall it too is around 75% jackpot for a $1 stake $50,000 fixed jackpot.
  • Stakes: betting limits vary between casinos
  • Game play: 10-spot picks


About Cryptologic

  • Well established as a leading provider of online casino software, Cryptologic powers some of the biggest and best names in online casinos. It is easy to see why, with useful player features and good quality graphics and sound.
  • Cryptologic is a publicly traded company on the Toronto Stock Exchange as well as NASDAQ.



Cashcade Keno Review

Cashcade are responsible for a new breed of stylish, low cost games. Their keno is excellent, offering a choice of two keno games – “King Keno” and “Keno Light” – both of which are a bit different to the norm.

Cashcade Keno Games

Format: Non-download Flash.

Keno payout rate: “King Keno” 90%. “Keno Light” 89%

Jackpot: for a ?1 stake Jackpot ?25k (for all bets of at least ?1).

Stakes: 10p-?50

Game play: Both versions are 8-spot games. In Keno Light only 10 balls are drawn.

About Cashcade

  • Cashcade are a UK company.

Aqua Keno Review

You’ll find some longstanding favourites amongst this software provider’s casino clients. Their keno has an outstanding payout schedule.

Aqua Keno Games

  • Format: Comes as download only.
  • Keno payout rate: 94%
  • Jackpot: for a $1 stake you could win $10,000
  • Stakes: 25c-$10
  • Game play: Pick 3-15 spots.

About Aqua

  • Formerly known as Cytech.