July 16, 2024

How to play Keno online

Well, Keno game is amongst the lottery games that many casino plays. To be precise, it is a gambling-like game that many modern casinos offer. However, it is one of the most underrated casino games. Well, a lot of people live under the misapprehension that this game is only played at the elderly homes. Another misconception they have is that you cannot win a keno game without extreme luck. Well, you have to understand that these are not the cases. If you know how to play correctly, you can win too. Therefore, if you are about to try this underrated casino game, look nowhere else. We are going to discuss all the things that you need to know before playing this game.

How to play the Keno games?

Well, before going any further, we must comprehend how to play this game. In case of the live version of the game, the player has to mark anywhere between 1 and 20 numbers on a card. That card consists of 80 numbers arranged in them in eight rows of ten. After that, the player has to bring the card to the Keno writer and place his or bet. In that bet, the selected numbers will be amongst the 20 that they will draw in the next game.

Besides, a player who is sitting on the casino restaurant can mark a card. After that, he or she will hand over the bet to the Keno runner. The Keno runner will take that card to a Keno writer and will bring a ticket.

Once the 20 numbers are done withdrawing, the winning tickets will be paid. It will be paid according to the table that varies from house to house. Most of the times the payback ranges between 70% and 80% of the amount.

Tips about playing Keno games

If you are about to play Keno game, you must acknowledge some tips about it. We assure you that these tips will help you to win this game. So, here are some ways that you can look for if you want to witness victory in the Keno games. So, here are some of the tips that you can follow if you’re going to win this game.

  • Make sure to choose a casino that will provide you with a better payout. So, try to find out the casinos with better payouts.
  • Before going for the professional game, make sure to practice. There are numerous free versions of this Keno game that you can play. Playing those free versions will provide you with practice, which is essential before playing it professionally.
  • Make sure to select between four and eight numbers. Well, you have to comprehend that your payouts will change according to your numbers. Therefore, in case if you lose the bet, you don’t have to bother much as less money will be involved with this.
  • You can also try to choose the consecutive numbers or cold numbers. Well, selecting consecutive numbers will increase your possibility of winning. Many researchers have observed that the falling of two consecutive numbers has the highest probability.
  • Also, play Keno at a reliable casino. Well, if the casino is safe, you don’t have to worry about losing your money by treachery.

So, these are the tips that you can go through if you want to witness the desired results in this game.

What are the various types of Keno games?

Well, there are multiple variants of Keno game. Amongst them, you have to choose the one according to your preference. So, some of the prevalent options of Keno game are:

  • Power Keno- The origin of Power Keno in Australia. Well, the rules are the same as the traditional Keno games. Besides, there is an added benefit of this game. Well, if the 20th ball drawn the picks of one of the players, then any of your winnings will be quadrupled.
  • Super Keno- Super Keno resembles power Keno. However, the only difference is that the focus of Super Keno is in the first ball instead of the second.
  • Way Keno- One of the unique features of Way Keno is that you can choose different sets of numbers. Therefore, you can comprehend that there is more than one way to win this game.
  • Video Keno- Whenever you will look in this game, it will resemble a slot machine. However, when it comes to the work processes, it is different from the other slot games. One of the significant differences between video Keno and regular casino Keno is that video Keno is a solo game.
  • Online Keno- If you are looking for a variant of Keno that you can play comfortably, opt for online Keno. Well, to play this game, you don’t have to move outside of your house. You can play it sitting on your couch.

So, these are some of the variants of Keno that you can look for. You can choose any one of them according to your preference.

History of Keno

Well, the history of Keno is funny, as well as intriguing. The word ‘Keno’ is a French or Latin word. However, this game is the brainchild of China. The legend of this game has to convey that it saved an ancient city during the times of war. And its popularity was so high that it is said that the funding from this game helped China to build the Great Wall of China. Well, before the 19th century, playing lottery games to raise the fund was not acceptable in China.

Some of the facts about Keno that you must know

Well, there are numerous interesting facts associated with Keno. We are about to disclose those facts. The points that we are talking about are:

  • Keno helped to raise the fund for the Great Wall of China.
  • Chinese immigrants introduced this game to different parts of the world.
  • Modern-day players try to draw all the 20 numbers. However, it is a pretty tough feat to achieve.

So, here are all the stuff that you should know about Keno. Knowing these things before playing Keno is pretty significant.


How many American States have Keno?

How many American States have Keno?

Keno as a state lottery and not casino?

Question asked by: Desk3Bound


Keno is offered by state lotteries in many U.S. states. However, the availability of Keno as part of a state lottery can change over time as new legislation is introduced or existing regulations are amended.

Some of the states that offer Keno through their state lotteries include:

  1. Connecticut
  2. Delaware
  3. Georgia
  4. Kansas
  5. Kentucky
  6. Maryland
  7. Massachusetts
  8. Michigan
  9. Missouri
  10. Nebraska
  11. New Hampshire
  12. Ohio
  13. Oregon
  14. Rhode Island
  15. Washington D.C.
  16. Pennsylvania

This list is not exhaustive, and the availability of Keno as a state lottery game may have changed since September 2021. To find the most up-to-date information on Keno availability in a specific state, it’s recommended to visit the official website of the state lottery or contact their customer service department.

Play Keno Online

Play Lotto Online and Win

Have you ever considered playing the lotto? If not, you may want to put some thought into how to play lotto online and win.

It can be a lot of fun to play the lotto and something that many people have a lot of fun doing. You can also use lotto cheats to help you win. These are tips and strategies to assist you in winning. Of course, we all know that it is not that easy to win the lotto, if it were we would all be rich and this is just not the case. You have to remember the odds of winning are very slim indeed, but still millions of people continue to play.

What are Lotto Cheats?

When it comes to lotto cheats, they aren’t really cheating but are sheets that can give you advice on ways to win at the game. There are many people who may put these to use on a regular basis to guide them to win, and they can really make a difference if you win or not. Cheats are available to give you advice on if you can actually win or not and really are a great advantage for most people who play lotto online.

A very popular lotto cheat is to use wheeling systems. These can allow you to increase your odds of winning and this is a very powerful system to help improve your odds of winning. The lotto wheeling system can give you many combinations of numbers that may allow you to win. There are so many combinations of numbers that it can be difficult to find the best one to match your needs, but it is a good idea to use this type of system to help you win.

What is a Lotto Wheeling System?

The lotto wheeling system is a great one because it is offered for free on many websites and can allow you to have the best software possible to come up with a number of combinations to assist you to play lotto online and win. Try doing some research on this topic and it is very likely you will be able to find a freebie.

In addition to this, you may want to use the lotto pool. This can allow you to join a lotto pool and is a very effective way of winning the lotto as well. This is where those who play lotto online go in together and purchase a lotto ticket and split the costs of the ticket as well as the winnings. This is a great way for anyone to win the lotto if you are willing to share the winnings. This should not be a problem as large as most lotto payouts are.

You can find the best way for you to win the lotto by simply doing a little research and taking the time to find the best one to work for you. We would all love to win the lotto and with a little effort and luck, it is possible.

Keno Strategy Guide

Keno Strategy

What can You Do to Win More at Keno?

Let’s say it straight away, Keno is, like any lottery, basically a guessing game. Winning keno numbers are selected completely at random. So the bottom line is that no keno strategy is ever going to be really successful at predicting what will come out.

Having said that, there are some things you can do to edge the odds in your favour. In short, our top tips for winning at keno are as follows:

Look for the best payout schedules

By analysing the payout table you can find out before you play what the expected payback over time will be. Not a clue how to do that? Well luckily, we’ve done it for you – at least if you want to play online! If you’re playing keno online the pay schedule is determined largely by what type of gaming software the casino runs on. And we’ve worked out the expected payouts on all the main software brands and listed for you which casinos run on each type.

Play the right number of spots

How many keno numbers should you pick? Most keno games allow you to choose 1 to 15 spots (numbers). You might also find special games that allow a lot more numbers to be chosen. The numbers of spots you pick doesn’t affect the cost of your bet.

The more you pick the better your chances that at least some of them will be drawn out. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a better chance of winning because you will need to catch more of them before you win anything.

For instance, if you pick a 6-spot, in most casinos you wouldn’t win anything unless at least 3 of them were drawn. So it’s a balancing act between selecting enough numbers to give you a reasonable chance of catching a few, but not so many that you have to catch lots before you get a payout.

Regular players tend to opt for between 4 and 8 numbers. If you choose less than 4 spots, the payout schedules mean that it isn’t worth it – the payouts are relatively low and the house has too large an advantage.

If you choose more than 9 spots, the odds of all your numbers actually getting picked are so small that it’s hardly worth even trying. In the extreme case, the odds of getting 15 catches out of 15 spots are about 428 BILLION to 1 (pretty much impossible)!

If you play a high number of spots, some casinos pay out if none of them come up, but you’d need to check their schedule to make sure of this. If you’re a Jackpot hunter: On any pay schedule the BIGGEST jackpot is on maximum spots. But sadly, the more spots you pick, the more remote your chances of winning.

Play several ‘ways’

You can increase your chances of some kind of win from the set of numbers you have selected by betting on a variety of ‘ways’. If, for instance, you have selected 8 numbers as an 8-spot, you could at the same time group them as two 4-spots.

You would then have 3 separate wagers on the same set of numbers. If all 8 came up you would collect 3 lots of winnings (But of course if none of them came up you would lose all three stakes!) You should note that these multi-bet options are usually only available in live, offline keno. But we’ve found one site where you can bet several ways on the same keno draw.

Set a good wager level

How much to wager? Well it depends on such factors as what you can afford, how much the casino will allow, the details of the payout schedule.

Choose lucky numbers!

Everyone has their own superstitions and favoured methods of picking numbers. How about trying some of these:

  • try our picker.
  • family birthdays or ages (although this is likely to slant your picks towards
  • smaller numbers)
  • telephone numbers or street address numbers
  • a particular layout of numbers on the card
  • a ‘psychic feeling’ – just close your eyes and see what comes to mind
  • a ‘quick pick’ where the computer picks your numbers for you at random

Statistically it really shouldn’t make any difference how you pick your keno numbers – but who knows?

Play Online Keno Guide

How to play Keno Online

This Guide will Help you Learn The Basics of Playing Keno Online

An Easy and Fun Game that Can Make You Rich

For those wanting to have a little fun in between your casino runs, keno can be a good filler. Keno is both a simple and fun game that anyone can easily pick up during lulls. The game also pays back rather handsomely and can be a good addition to your purse.

While keno is quite a popular game to modern day casino goers, it is actually quite old. The origins of keno is rather ancient as an early version of the game was played in China more that two thousand years ago. The game was played and developed well into the modern age where it was then introduced by Chinese immigrants into the West during the early twentieth century. The name “keno”, however is of French origin as the game was further refined into its modern form when it was introduced in that country.

If You can Play Bingo, You can Play Keno

The game is very easy to learn and play and shares similar mechanics to the more popular bingo games, making it easier to understand. Players use cards that are quite similar to bingo cards in layout. In the case of the keno card, the numbers are arranged in eight row of ten each, for a total of 80 numbers. The player then chooses up to twenty numbers and marks them on the card to get their tickets from the booth. For those that are very busy (or very lazy) to get tickets from the booths, there are runners roaming around the casino whom you could give your numbers and have them fill out the cards for you.

After all the tickets have been bet in, twenty numbers are then drawn. Winners can then claim their prizes afterward. Payouts vary widely between casinos, so better read the tables first before making your purchase.

Best Keno Combinations to Win More

Aside from the jackpot combination, there are several plays that the keno player can take up. The player can mark up additional combination on the card. Each combination also has its own payout independent to that of the jackpot, which make them very good to take a shot at.

One good combination that you can play is the “2/3 1/6”. in this combination, you mark an initial size numbers on the board. He then encircles two groups of tree numbers each as additional combination. A three dollar bet is placed on the card, divided to the three number groups, a dollar each of them. This play can increase your chances at the payouts.

Another useful betting option that you can use in keno to increase your chances is the king number. The king, as it is simply called, is a single encircled number that can be used on all the combination of numbers played on the ticket. This greatly adds to your chances of hitting multiple combination, and winning multiple prizes, as long as the umber is there.

Casinos also offer a hefty progressive jackpots in keno games. These progressive games can prove to be the money maker as these can get very high, there are even some instances that the casino gives out more than a hundred percent in returns. This will definitely make keno a really engaging game to play.