May 30, 2024

theme for our po keno party

i need a theme for our po keno party?

jrbside asked:
every month us girls get together and play po keno (its like bingo but with playing cards) anyway… i’m hosting at my house and we need a theme for the gifts we bring. Feb was obviously valentine and last month, may, was getting your feet ready for summer. (people bought flip flops, nail polish, pedicure sets etc…) What do you think june’s theme should be… something we can buy gifts for!!


How about a “beach day” theme for June? You and your friends can bring gifts that are perfect for a day at the beach such as beach towels, sunscreen, beach hats, sunglasses, or even some fun beach games. You can also encourage everyone to dress up in their favorite beachwear and have some fun tropical cocktails to go along with the theme.

Here are some more theme ideas for your gift exchange:

  1. Spa Day: Encourage everyone to bring items that will help create a relaxing spa atmosphere at home. This could include bath bombs, face masks, candles, aromatherapy oils, and cozy slippers.
  2. Game Night: Have everyone bring a board game or card game to contribute to the collection. You could also add in some snacks and drinks to make it a complete game night package.
  3. Summer Fun: Get everyone excited for summer with items like beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, pool floats, and tropical drink mixers.
  4. DIY Crafting: Encourage everyone to bring items that will help create a fun DIY project, like a knitting or crochet kit, painting supplies, or scrapbooking materials.
  5. Fitness and Health: Help everyone stay on track with their fitness goals by having them bring items like workout DVDs, exercise equipment, healthy cookbooks, or water bottles.
  6. Movie Night: Have everyone bring a favorite movie or two, along with some popcorn and candy to make it a full movie night experience.
  7. Book Club: Encourage everyone to bring a book they’ve recently read and enjoyed, along with some snacks and drinks for a mini book club meeting.
  8. Gardening: For the green thumbs in your group, have everyone bring items like seed packets, gardening gloves, tools, and planters.
  9. Travel: Get everyone excited for future trips with items like travel guides, luggage tags, passport covers, and travel pillows.
  10. Coffee and Tea: Encourage everyone to bring their favorite coffee or tea, along with mugs, travel tumblers, and sweeteners. You could even include some baked goods or snacks to go along with the drinks.

keno formula?

keno formula?

keno formula? is there such a thing? anyone know about it?

Question asked by: J W


Keno is a popular lottery-style casino game based on chance, where players select a set of numbers from a larger pool, and then wait to see if any of their chosen numbers match the randomly drawn numbers. Due to the random nature of keno, many players wonder if there is a formula or strategy to increase their odds of winning. While there is no surefire formula to guarantee success in keno, there are various strategies and tips that can be employed to potentially improve one’s odds.

It’s important to note that keno is a game of luck, and its outcomes are determined by random number generators (RNGs). This means that no strategy or formula can predict the outcome of the game with certainty. However, understanding the game’s mechanics and odds can help players make more informed decisions when choosing numbers and managing their bankroll.

One approach that some players use is to analyze historical data to identify “hot” and “cold” numbers. Hot numbers are those that have been drawn frequently in the past, while cold numbers are those that have been drawn infrequently. Some players choose to play hot numbers, believing that they are more likely to be drawn again, while others play cold numbers, assuming that they are due to appear soon. However, it’s crucial to remember that each keno draw is independent, and past results do not influence future outcomes.

Balance the selection

Another strategy is to balance the selection of numbers, choosing a mix of high and low numbers. This can help ensure a more even distribution of numbers, but it doesn’t guarantee a win, as each number has an equal chance of being drawn. Some players also opt for choosing consecutive numbers, believing that they are more likely to appear together in a winning combination, though there is no statistical basis for this belief.

Delta system

The delta system is another approach used by some keno players. This system is based on the idea that the differences between consecutive numbers in a winning combination are more likely to be small. To apply the delta system, a player selects a base number and then chooses other numbers based on the expected differences between consecutive numbers in the winning combination.

Wheeling system

A wheeling system can also be employed, which involves creating a set of possible combinations using a group of selected numbers. This strategy aims to cover more combinations and, in turn, potentially increase the chances of winning.

Managing the bankroll

When playing keno, managing one’s bankroll is crucial. Setting a budget and sticking to it can help players avoid overspending and ensure a more enjoyable gaming experience. Additionally, taking advantage of special offers and bonuses provided by online casinos can increase one’s bankroll and chances of winning.

In conclusion, while there is no foolproof formula for winning at keno, players can experiment with various strategies and approaches to potentially improve their odds. It’s essential to remember that keno is a game of chance, and no strategy can guarantee success. Playing for fun and responsibly should be the primary goal, with an understanding that the odds are against the player in the long run. By learning the game’s rules and mechanics, managing one’s bankroll, and experimenting with different strategies, players can enhance their enjoyment of keno and potentially increase their chances of winning.

Where can i play keno…?

Where can i play keno…?

Where can i play keno online for free? I dont want to win real money, i want to play for FUN. . . . Does anyone know of some good ‘casino’ games with keno in them?? Thanks!

Question posted by: ?Kellina?


There are several websites and apps where you can play Keno online for free without the pressure of winning real money. Here are a few options for you to try:

  1. (Website) – Offers a simple, free Keno game that you can play directly in your browser.
  2. Keno by Absolute Games (App) – Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this app allows you to play Keno for free with in-game currency.
  3. 247 Keno (Website) – Offers a free Keno game that you can play in your browser without downloading any software.
  4. Keno Universe by EGT (Website) – This is a free Keno game that can be found on various online casino websites that offer demo versions of their games.

Please note that some of these platforms may feature advertisements or offer in-app purchases to enhance the experience or unlock additional features. Remember to always play responsibly and within your limits.

how can i find secrets to winning md keno?

how can i find secrets to winning md keno?

david a asked:
Im trying to better my odds of winning the maryland keno


Keno is a game of chance, and there are no guaranteed secrets or strategies to ensure a win. However, you can follow some tips and guidelines to potentially improve your odds of winning in the Maryland Keno:

  1. Understand the game: Learn the rules, payouts, and odds of Keno before you start playing. Familiarizing yourself with the game will help you make informed decisions while playing.
  2. Choose a balanced set of numbers: Some players believe that choosing a mix of high and low numbers can improve their chances of winning. While there’s no statistical evidence to back this up, it can be a fun approach to try.
  3. Play hot and cold numbers: Look for numbers that have been drawn frequently (hot numbers) and those that have been drawn less frequently (cold numbers). You can choose to play hot numbers, hoping they will continue to be drawn, or cold numbers, believing they are due to appear soon. Remember that past results don’t influence future outcomes, but this can be an entertaining strategy to experiment with.
  4. Manage your bankroll: Set a budget for your Keno gaming sessions and stick to it. This will help you avoid overspending and make the game more enjoyable.
  5. Experiment with different number selections: Try choosing different numbers of spots to find a balance between potential payouts and winning odds that works for you. Keep in mind that the more spots you pick, the higher the potential payout but also the lower the chances of winning.
  6. Use a consistent strategy: Stick to a strategy that works for you and don’t change it mid-game. Consistency can help you avoid making impulsive decisions.
  7. Play for fun: Remember that Keno is a game of luck, and the odds are against you in the long run. Enjoy the game and don’t take it too seriously.
  8. Look for promotions: Maryland Lottery may occasionally offer special promotions or bonuses for Keno players. Keep an eye on their website or sign up for notifications to take advantage of these offers when available.

It’s essential to remember that no strategy guarantees a win in Keno since the game relies on chance and randomness. Focus on playing responsibly, having fun, and managing your bankroll to make the most of your Maryland Keno experience.

Does anyone know what consecutive play means on a keno ticket?

Does anyone know what consecutive play means on a keno ticket?

Does that mean you can keep trying until all your numbers won.

Question posted by: kingcq20


Consecutive play on a keno ticket means that you’re playing the same set of numbers for a predetermined number of consecutive games. When you choose consecutive play, you’re essentially using the same ticket and numbers for multiple games without having to fill out a new ticket each time.

For example, if you choose to play five consecutive games with the same numbers, you’ll pay for those five games upfront, and the same set of numbers will be played for all five games in a row.

Consecutive play does not mean that you can keep trying until all your numbers have won. You’re simply playing the same numbers for the selected number of consecutive games. After the specified number of consecutive games has been played, the ticket will be no longer valid, and you’ll need to purchase a new ticket if you want to continue playing.