May 30, 2024

theme for our po keno party

i need a theme for our po keno party?

jrbside asked:
every month us girls get together and play po keno (its like bingo but with playing cards) anyway… i’m hosting at my house and we need a theme for the gifts we bring. Feb was obviously valentine and last month, may, was getting your feet ready for summer. (people bought flip flops, nail polish, pedicure sets etc…) What do you think june’s theme should be… something we can buy gifts for!!


How about a “beach day” theme for June? You and your friends can bring gifts that are perfect for a day at the beach such as beach towels, sunscreen, beach hats, sunglasses, or even some fun beach games. You can also encourage everyone to dress up in their favorite beachwear and have some fun tropical cocktails to go along with the theme.

Here are some more theme ideas for your gift exchange:

  1. Spa Day: Encourage everyone to bring items that will help create a relaxing spa atmosphere at home. This could include bath bombs, face masks, candles, aromatherapy oils, and cozy slippers.
  2. Game Night: Have everyone bring a board game or card game to contribute to the collection. You could also add in some snacks and drinks to make it a complete game night package.
  3. Summer Fun: Get everyone excited for summer with items like beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, pool floats, and tropical drink mixers.
  4. DIY Crafting: Encourage everyone to bring items that will help create a fun DIY project, like a knitting or crochet kit, painting supplies, or scrapbooking materials.
  5. Fitness and Health: Help everyone stay on track with their fitness goals by having them bring items like workout DVDs, exercise equipment, healthy cookbooks, or water bottles.
  6. Movie Night: Have everyone bring a favorite movie or two, along with some popcorn and candy to make it a full movie night experience.
  7. Book Club: Encourage everyone to bring a book they’ve recently read and enjoyed, along with some snacks and drinks for a mini book club meeting.
  8. Gardening: For the green thumbs in your group, have everyone bring items like seed packets, gardening gloves, tools, and planters.
  9. Travel: Get everyone excited for future trips with items like travel guides, luggage tags, passport covers, and travel pillows.
  10. Coffee and Tea: Encourage everyone to bring their favorite coffee or tea, along with mugs, travel tumblers, and sweeteners. You could even include some baked goods or snacks to go along with the drinks.