February 27, 2024

Why don’t they have Keno at Detroit casinos?

Why don’t they have Keno at Detroit casinos?

All’Aquila Shakers in support Pleasannt have keno, a Vegas casinos? everyone keno. Why? not to MGM to the city? Engine, or Greektown in Detroit?

Posted by: tarrat_616


The availability of keno in casinos depends on local regulations and the decisions made by individual casino operators. In the case of Detroit casinos, such as MGM Grand Detroit, MotorCity Casino, and Greektown Casino, it’s possible that they have chosen not to offer keno based on their specific customer demographics, gaming preferences, or other strategic factors.

Another factor could be that Michigan has a state lottery that offers a keno game called “Club Keno.” This could mean that there might be less demand for keno in Detroit casinos, as players have access to the game through the state lottery.

It’s important to note that each casino makes its own decisions about which games to offer based on factors like demand, space, and potential revenue. If you’re looking for keno in Detroit, you may still be able to find it at other gaming establishments or through the Michigan Lottery.

If you’re specifically interested in playing keno at a casino, you might need to explore casinos outside of Detroit or consider playing online, where you can find various keno games to enjoy. Always remember to play responsibly and treat gambling as a form of entertainment.


  1. I’ve wondered the same. I assumed that the Casino Industry did not think that Keno was as popular amongst Detroiters. But I no That the people in Detroit would love to have it….They Keno games in their Michigan Lottery.

  2. I don’t know what your talking about, the real thing or multi game keno machines. don’t waste your time on real keno as the odds jump way up on machines. Its because you can play so many more games on machines. Only one answer, move to St Louis, we have a lot of keno machines and it is a warmer except for tonight.

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