June 20, 2024
Keno Slot Machine

Keno Games, Poker Games And Slot Machines

General Information about Common Keno games, some Poker games and Slot machines.

Keno games

Keno game otherwise known as Chinese lottery is believed to have survived 150 years. The proponents in this game believed that the original keno game had up to 120 beautiful characters; derived from a thousand character poem of ancient China. The game has been revolutionized several times; from simply a wagering game to a horse race keno and finally the name was changed to simply keno in 1930’s when betting on horse race became under the gun.

How to play keno

Online keno is similar to Bingo; it is both played for fun as well as gambling for real money. There is always a numbers board and a big bowl with the 80 numbered balls. Players are expected to pick numbers among one to ten to play. Once you have picked your number the bowl turns [that is the computer spins its number].and the winning numbers are displayed. The amount you win depends on how many of your choices match the winning numbers.

Poker games

The origin of this game is quite controversial; historian seems not to find a precise date for this game nor is there any precise origin for the game. Some historians believe that the game must have originated from the Chinese empire with emperor Mu-tsung conversant with card games.

Others argue that the game should have emerged from the French game called ‘Poque’ played as far back as 1400s which involved betting and bluffing. Some others believed that it is derived from the Germany’s pochspiel and yet other believed it’s a Hindu game called Pukka.

Hence there are so many allusions to this game. However, this game that is normally regarded as one the most popular online games; has ten notable games which will be merely listed in this article.

  1. party poker
  2. titan poker
  3. empire poker
  4. paradise poker
  5. doyles room
  6. poker room
  7. inter poker
  8. ultimate bet
  9. poker stars
  10. bet365 poker

Slot machines

Slot machine was designed late back as 1800’s by Charles Fey. This machine that was invented in the basement of Mr. Fey became popular years after it was invented and was installed in an infamous Flamingo Hilton hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It is standard playing card imagery-of hearts, diamonds, spades, bells, horseshoes and stars. The game device is operated by depositing a nickel in a slot to release the handle, when the right combination of symbols stops in the window the player is awarded coins ranging from 2, on 2 horseshoes to 20 for 3 bells.