May 30, 2024
Linked Bingo

Linked Bingo Ups the Stakes

Linked bingo has a long tradition in the non-electronic bingo world. It is a method where multiple locations are linked to the same central bingo game with real time video technology. This is really a form of escalation, since more people playing equals a higher payout. This means that basically the stakes, and definitely the excitement are much higher when playing linked bingo.

There is a caller, and his or her voice is broadcast across all locations taking place in the link. The rules of bingo remain generally unchanged. In many instances The prize money is £100 for a single bingo, and then an additional £100 for two lines, and another £100 for a full house. If someone wins they still have to claim their bingo. As with other mainstream bingo games, the win is checked for legitimacy.

Super Snap Bingo

Super Snap! is a new addition to the already accomplished and celebrated Jackpotjoy online games. This is a great game for those looking to add a little variety into their gambling routine. With over 5 different ways to win big money, Super Snap! has the online gambling community buzzing with attention.

The game begins with the purchase of your game cards. You can buy a maximum of five hands per game with each costing £1. Your hand is revealed once you have confirmed the purchase. You can even win cash prize instantly with a winning streak.

If you have two pairs then you will win twice your card price. Three of a kind pays three times and a straight will multiply your original bet by four. A flush will multiple your win by six, and a full house wins a multiple of nine and a four of kind an amazing 25 times your bet. It gets even better with 50 times the card price with a straight royal flush and 250 times with a straight royal flush!

More Hands = More Wins

The more hands you buy the better chances you have of winning a jackpot. If you buy the maximum number of hands you can even win the Luck Charm Jackpot. Making a full hand in seven calls will win you 40% of the community chest jackpot. You should still play because if someone else wins the Community Chest Jackpot then you will get a share of the remaining 60%. This makes it more fun for everybody looking to win big.

There areno other bingo games on the web like Super Snap! because this game provides gamblers with so many different ways to win big money. You do not want to miss out on the excitement and thrills that comes with this game. Play it now to see what it’s all about!